Finch, Chimps & Mushy Bees

April 7th, 2020

The Penguin Club

In March 2020 I presented an evening of stories and drawings, with my co performer Claire Goodey, at the Strutts Community Centre, Belper in Derbyshire. The Penguin Club has been running for at least 43 years and its purpose is to enable adults with learning difficulties to meet people of a similar nature to socialise and take part in different activities. What a brilliant club it is with an enthusiastic membership and a group of willing helpers. One of the helpers I met had been volunteering for 43 years! The club meets every Thursday evening throughout the year.

Pictures in our head

The Chimpanzee

The Chimpanzee


My co performer and artist was Claire Goodey. Over 30 people packed into the room to hear a story supported by an artist drawing (Claire was the artist). Whilst I was telling a story Claire would draw a hidden picture and the audience had to guess what was in the drawing. Or what picture had been conjured up in their head. The audience loved it especially when prizes were presented to the two people who guessed nearest to what was drawn. Attached is the drawing of the story ‘Finch, Chimps and Mushy Bees’. If you would like to see and hear the video of the story please visit here


Share your experiences

If you are a storyteller I would be interested in hearing about your experiences of telling stories to similar audiences. A big thank-you to Chris and Owen and all the organisers and helpers at the Penguin Club for making us feel so welcome and setting up the evening.

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