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Saint Petersburg & The Baltic

A Baltic adventure

The Magellan

The Magellan

I have never been on a cruise before but this is the opportunity to explore Copenhagen, Rostock and Warnemunde (Germany), Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. All will be new places, except for Copenhagen which I have visited twice before. I am excited about visiting new countries such as Russia and Finland with very contrasting cultures but a surprising overlapping history. Will my prejudices about cruises be confirmed? Or will I be surprised by the hidden delights of this form of travel?

This is the cruise ship Magellan. It will be my home for the next two weeks along with about 1300 other passengers.

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A travel log of Georgia – near the Black Sea

Do you serve milk?

This is the start of a two year working adventure with Georgia, exploring the food, culture, customs, places and people.

It is February 2013 and I have just arrived in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. No, not the state in the USA but the country that gained independence from Russia in 1991. It borders Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey and the waters of the Black Sea. To be honest, I had to look it up on the map to find out where it was when I was hired as an ‘EU expert’ to work with universities across Georgia.

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Career development in Georgia

A joint presentation with Martin Pennington on current developments in HE careers in Georgia. Our experience, and what was achieved, of working in Georgia through a two year EU funded Tempus project. ICeGS presentation Nov 2014v8 (1)

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Career guidance across cultures

What constitutes a successful application for the UK graduate job market?

It is difficult for graduates outside the UK to understand the UK job market. Here are some useful tips to help develop successful job applications.

Link to Copenhagen presentation – European Association of international Education

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About Me

coffee shop in Mostar

Paul Hacking previously Head of the Career Development Centre at Nottingham Trent University & chairman of the Fedora Careers & Employment Group (European HE guidance body).